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The solution is to take magnesium in a form where it is completely dissolved in water. In this form it will absorb fast into the body producing almost instant relief. Natural Vitality is a product which was developed especially for that reason. It handles excess calcium in the body and gradually dissolves calcium deposits giving a new lease on life. Natural Vitality is a water-soluble magnesium powder developed by a proprietary process which provides the most absorbable, effective, fast-acting magnesium available anywhere. The process was discovered 20 years ago and has been producing what would "appear to be" miracles ever since. You make it fresh each time and it works better than any other form of magnesium including tablets, capsules or even other powdered formulas.

Magnesium or Natural Vitality can be taken on its own without side effects. Natural Vitality by itself without any calcium will help you feel younger, more energetic, stronger, and give you a multitude of other benefits all as a result of the magnesium being available to do its job. To handle a magnesium deficiency, it is best to take the magnesium on its own without any calcium. Then, only when the deficiency is handled, go back onto calcium and magnesium together. Pay attention to any need for extra magnesium or better yet, take some on a regular basis.

To handle a magnesium deficiency, it is best to take the magnesium on its own without any calcium. Contrary to common belief, magnesium deficiency is very common even amongst those who supplement it regularly.



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