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Some of you have become magnesium experts overnight. Some of you are still wondering about it. Some of you don't believe me anyway. It all sounds too simple. Must be more to it than that. Well, there is more to it but it still remains simple… surprisingly enough. All you have to do is try it, use it, do it, just put it into practice and you will perform miracles. There are many people out there that you will come in contact with, who have had magnesium deficiency symptoms for the last 10 to 15 years and no one has been able to tell them what is wrong or how to handle it. They may have thought that taking regular magnesium supplements will prevent the symptoms of magnesium deficiency. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the case! Read my four articles and you will be able to tell them what will work and why. Here is more information on magnesium. Some of it may already have been covered, but not from the angle that I wanted to cover today. Ready?

That magnesium is essential to life we already know, but did you know that without sufficient magnesium you would actually die? Your heart will stop beating and the doctors will then call it "a heart attack" (the #1 cause of death in America by the way). Never do they say, "He died from a magnesium deficiency." Am I saying then that magnesium is linked to the #1 cause of death in the country? This is precisely what I am saying here. The early signs of such terminal extinction are racing heart-beats, or any unusual change in heart beats, angina pains, collapsing from exhaustion after heavy physical exercise or work such as running a race, playing football or basket ball. Due to lack of magnesium the heart muscle develops a spasm or cramp and stops beating. This is because there is insufficient magnesium to relax the heart and make it ready for the next contraction.

Magnesium is so crucial that it is necessary for every major biochemical process such as digestion, protein synthesis, cellular energy production, and glucose metabolism. As we already know, it is key to the proper utilization of calcium and potassium and many other nutrients. If you are not getting enough magnesium, your body is going down hill fast and you are headed for terminal extinction.

So the big question now is what can cause a magnesium deficiency? This is a very important point that would be crucial to understand. The following items are magnesium depletors. Learn them well and apply accordingly. The more dominant they are in your life, THE MORE magnesium your body will need to get. These items dramatically speed up the depletion of your body's magnesium storage, and make it necessary for much more magnesium to be consumed. They are: coffee, high sugar diet, high sodium diet, candida, STRESS, and a high calcium diet. That's right, a high calcium diet. Does that mean calcium is bad for you? No, not at all. But if you burn out more magnesium than calcium (which is very often the case) you better get enough magnesium, as excess calcium can cause very many symptoms.

These symptoms are: calcium deposits in the joints, gallstones, kidney stones and, in extreme cases, calcification of the brain and other body organs and parts. This results in loss of memory and loss of ability to reason and eventually the termination of life. But the most significant problem of all would be a magnesium deficiency which could then cause restlessness, sleep problems, tension, more stress, PMS and much more.

Magnesium and calcium must be in the correct proportions for your own needs; otherwise the calcium becomes a pollutant in the body causing heart disease, arthritis, hardening of the arteries, senility, osteoporosis, and calcification of organs and tissues that eventually completely degenerate through calcification.

Differently put, excess calcium can become a real problem. Excess magnesium, on the other hand, is impossible.

Here is an amazing example: What country has the highest rate of milk consumption? That's right, it is America. Now another question: what country has the highest rate of consuming calcium supplements? That's right, the answer is America again. So obviously, you would say, America must have the lowest occurrence of osteoporosis (calcium loss) of all countries, right? Believe it or not, the truth is the exact opposite! We have the highest rate! Why? Excess calcium combined with low magnesium. Taking more calcium will not fix a calcium deficiency, which is quite evident from the statistics. Yet, more magnesium will handle the calcium deficiency as well as the magnesium deficiency.

THE SOLUTION TO THIS IS TO TAKE MAGNESIUM IN A FORM WHERE IT IS IN COMPLETE SOLUTION IN DISTILLED WATER. In this form it assimilates fast into the body producing almost instant relief. Also it handles the excess calcium in the body and gradually dissolves the calcium deposits and the calcified body parts giving a new lease on life.

Magnesium can be taken on its own without side effects or liability. The worst that can happen is that you will get diarrhea and get cleaned out….a great benefit. If you do get diarrhea from magnesium supplementation, you only need to reduce the intake down to a level where the diarrhea disappears. Keep taking the magnesium. Magnesium taken on its own without any calcium will help you feel younger, more energetic, stronger, and give you a multitude of other benefits all as a result of the magnesium being present to do its job.

Deficiency in magnesium causes PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) and instant relief can be obtained by taking the magnesium dissolved in water. Too much calcium and not enough magnesium cause PMS. This results in premature aging caused by the calcification of the female body parts. Taking the magnesium in a water-soluble form will totally reverse this condition. The magnesium in water will gradually dissolve the solidified calcium and help to assimilate it or to expel it from the body if the calcium is not needed.

Muscle spasms, muscle cramps, muscle jerks, muscle tics, eye tics and hiccups are all caused by a magnesium deficiency. Take sufficient water-soluble magnesium and they will disappear. It is not calcium that handles these difficulties; it is magnesium. It is calcium that is causing these difficulties.

I am sure you will find many examples of magnesium deficiency around you. Have them take the water soluble magnesium and notice the difference it will make. Almost like a miracle. But you and I know different, don't we?

The information in this bulletin is presented for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or prescribe. In the event the reader uses the information for his own health, he is prescribing for himself, which is his constitutional right, and for which the author and publisher assume no responsibility. Copyright (c) Peter F Gillham 1997 All rights reserved.

The information in this site is presented for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or prescribe.

In the event the reader uses the information for his own health, he is in fact prescribing for himself, which is his own constitutional right, for which the author assumes no responsibility

If you suffer from a medical condition, consult your doctor. If you have questions as to the application of this information to your own health, you are advised to consult a qualified health professional.

© 2000 by Peter Gillham All rights reserved

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