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Bluebonnet. Naturally, The Best.

Bluebonnet believes that the quality of life should be as high as possible. While we fully agree that a good diet and proper exercise provide the foundation, vitamin and mineral supplements help you to look, feel and perform your best. We are constantly searching for advancements and improvements to our product line to meet this goal. You can count on us to formulate products to deliver the maximum nutritional benefits needed for today's active lifestyle. The Bluebonnet product line includes:

high potency amino acids
high potency vitamins & minerals
high potency antioxidants
hexane free plant oils
standardized herbs
digestive enzymes
specialty formulas

A Commitment to Quality and Excellence The right formulation is only part of the story at Bluebonnet. Quality in raw materials, manufacturing, packaging and service set the remaining standards on all the products we sell. In order to secure the wide range of ingredients needed, we import raw materials from all over the world.

We make it our standard to use only the highest quality materials available to manufacture our complete line of capsules, caplets and softgels. This includes 100% natural Kosher gelatin capsules.

At Bluebonnet, manufacturing meets the highest standards established by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). Additionally, we use full Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). This is followed by packaging in recyclable amber glass bottles insuring maximum potency and freshness. All bottles are sealed internally and covered with a full protective shrink wrap to prevent tampering. The result is maximum security to our customers.

Bluebonnet Super Earth Phytonutrient Soy Protein Powder

The only high quality, non-GMO soy protein formula on the market with standardized soy isoflavones AND specific amounts of potent, complementary plant-based nutrients - flax lignans, fruit polyphenols and oat beta-glucans.

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